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Cat Enroll’s At Florida State University Undertaking A Very Intensive Course

Losing weight is often a painful process, requiring persistence, dedication and a lot of hard work. Cat’s are no exception to this process, but as with us humans the results are worth it, especially when cats enroll in a university to complete a course.

Laila, a beautiful black cat from Gainesville, Florida, was found close to starvation. Once rescued she made up for lost time and developed an extremely healthy appetite. Some might say too healthy!!

In fact, she became so obsessed with food, she ate as much as she could whenever she could. As a result, she put on the pounds, finally weighing in at 23 pounds when her owners decided enough was enough!

It got to the point where she couldn’t even jump on the furniture! Her owners took her to a vet who came up with quite an original idea. A solution that would bring Laila’s weight issues under control at Florida State University.

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Laila was enrolled at the university Fat Camp. She quickly became a star, but the process was not exactly an enjoyable one for Laila.

You can watch Laila’s wheight loss efforts right here:

Once a week, Laila visits “fat camp” at the University of Florida. There, she goes through a series of workouts specifically designed to help her lose weight. These include running on the treadmill and even going for a swim.

Of course, being a cat, Laila doesn’t look too thrilled with either of these, especially the water exercises.

Fortunately, as time went on, Laila grew to enjoy the exercises, her owners’ claim. “She loves swimming,” they told Fox 35.

Laila is the only cat at the “fat camp,” and has dropped 2 pounds so far.

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He broke out of the shelter crossing railway lines and roads, one month later, just to be with her.

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