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Blind And Deaf, She Had Wandered Off. He Thought He Had Lost Her Forever!

Raymond McNamera was on a cross-country trip, along for the ride was his senior cat, Lily. In South Florida Lily went missing, she had two major problems, she was blind and deaf.

Now missing, Lily, a Himalayan, is over 20 years old, she’s blind and deaf and a very long way from home. The main problem Raymond had while trying to find his beloved cat was that she could not hear him.

So he enrolled the help of animal control and the local police force. But Lily was nowhere to be found. Raymond had to face the fact he would probably not see her again. But two months later he received some news regarding a cat that looked a lot like Lily.

You can watch the full video here below:

Two months later a woman found a cat in the construction site where Lily was last seen. Dirty, sick and matted, she was taken to a shelter. Local authorities knew without a doubt that this was Lily, and they immediately called Raymond.

Lily was treated for dehydration and held for Raymond until he could make the trip back to Florida to pick her up. It was a sweet, tearful moment when they were reunited, and Raymond swears she’ll never be away from him again.

It’s nothing short of a miracle that a senior, blind and deaf cat survived in the extreme weather of an unfamiliar place and was returned to the person who loves her – across the country. Even at 20 years old, Lily must have a few lives left.

This senior cat was thrown onto the streets at 15 years of age, and left to fend for himself.

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