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Blind And Alone A Tiny Kitten Sits In The Parking Lot Wondering How She’s Going To Survive?

Completely blind due to a serious infection, she was seen sitting all alone in the parking lot.

Two volunteers working for Hope For Paws, an animal rescue organization received a call regarding a blind kitten that had been seen in a local parking lot.

Screenshot via YouTube/HopeForPaws

JoAnn Wiltz and Katie Mcikittrick rushed to the scene right away where a very sad sight awaited them. They spotted her straight away, sitting alone, clearly blind due to a serious eye infection.

Screenshot via YouTube/HopeForPaws

Because of her lack of sight, she was easy to sneak up on then scoop up and put into the cat carrier.

Screenshot via YouTube/HopeForPaws

They saw her Mom and siblings as well, however, they decided to come back for a later and rushed the tiny kitten right to the clinic due to the critical state she was in.

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Completely blind all they had was each other as they tried to survive on the streets.

Blind, Alone and very frightened, once she picked her up the tiny kitten climbed onto her chest and refused to let go.

Such was the seriousness of her situation, time could not be wasted.

Screenshot via YouTube/HopeForPaws

Sadly when a closer look was taken vets realized her eyes had been irreparably damaged because of feline herpes. They gave her the name Kenshi.

Screenshot via YouTube/HopeForPaws

They were that badly ulcerated there was nothing that could be done to save her eyes, so she was scheduled for surgery to have them both removed. Care would need to be taken to prevent further infection.

Screenshot via YouTube/HopeForPaws

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