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Black Cat Sees Orange Cat In His Back Yard And Decides To Take Matters Into His Own Paws With Unexpected Results

We all know cats can be extremely territorial animals, and most territorial disputes between cats end in a fight with much hissing and paws with extended claws!!

But the black cat in this amazing video does not want to get into all that violent activity. He has a much faster way to sort out an unwanted interloper coming onto his property. As the video starts we see an orange tabby walking into view beside a swimming pool. Nothing unusual in that? But we quickly realize that this tabby should not be in this particular location!

Because out from under a nearby table a black and white cat springs into view, he has been lying in wait keeping a close eye on the comings and goings in his territory, and this orange tabby is definitely not where he is supposed to be. Not by a long shot.

Black first stalks orange cat, who at first is unaware of the tuxedo cats presence. Orange cat is then taken by surprise when he realizes black is right behind him, this is a completely unexpected turn of events, he is taken somewhat off guard. Not knowing whether to stay or leave he is caught completely unawares, what happens next is completely unexpected.

Click below to see the whole story as it unfolds:

Just to let you all know the cat does make it out of the pool safely if not a little damp!

This cute little kitten is just way too kitten. Just be warned, prepare yourself for a cuteness overload!

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