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At The Cat House On Kings, They Couldn’t Believe Their Eyes. A One In A Million Chance Had Become Two In A Million

It takes a lot to surprise the staff at The Cat House On Kings after all the literally see thousands of cats and kittens a year. But this litter of kittens has them stumped?

This particular litter came to them from Parlier, California only a month ago. Soon after taking care of the five Calico Kittens the staff realized that it contained not one but two male Calicos.

So what you might say. It might not sound impressive, but when you consider the science and the math just to get one male, like this cute little guy, you quickly realize just how much more incredible this actually is.

You can watch the video of this incredible duo right here:

Love Meow reports it’s estimated that only 1 in every 3,000 calico cats is male, and here we have two males in one litter. Genetically speaking, the coloration for calico is attached to the X chromosome. Because it’s a recessive gene, cats must have two X chromosomes to express the phenotype (ie. they need two X chromosomes to have the calico color and pattern).

Just like humans, cats have two chromosomes – females are XX and males are XY. So how do we get two males that are calico? Well, they have an additional X chromosome – XXY. This is a unique occurrence called Klinefelter Syndrome in humans.

Believe it or not, she may not look like it, but she is a Calico cross.

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