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At Last, A Practical Use for Your Cat!

Other than companionship is there really any practical use for your cat?

I bet finding a practical use for your feline friend was not the first thing that sprang to mind when he or she became part of your family. It was the last thing I thought of when my little trouble makers came home.

By practical use, I mean like plowing a field like you can with a horse, rescuing people, or even going to fetch the paper. These really aren’t things people think about when wanting a cat.

First of all, I have to say, I don’t think a cat needs to have any practical use. Some of my dog loving friends like to say “what use is a cat?” All I was thinking about was mainly companionship, and of course love, giving as well as receiving.

Cats don’t guard houses, sniff for contraband at ports of entry and don’t find people trapped by disasters. These things are all true, but that by no means diminishes cats in any way, or means that cats are useless.

Cats, above all, provide two important things that many of us humans sometimes fail to provide. Love and Comfort.

But just to show how multi-faceted cats can be, and to show one of the many practical uses your cat can have, please check out the video below and see what this enterprising young girl can do with her cat.

Please Click Below To Watch The Video:

H/T to Pretty52.

Watch and I hope have a good chuckle, if so, please share.

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