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At 5 Weeks Old There’s Nothing Cuter As She Begins To Play

At five weeks old there is nothing cuter than a tiny kitten beginning to explore his/her world.

At five weeks old there’s nothing cuter when a kitten starts to begin the weaning process, this is when Mom begins introducing solid food. So you can introduce canned food, a quality brand with a meat-like chicken as its source.

This is the stage when you can begin litter box training too.

A small litter box with easy access and exit with a small layer of litter.

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However, the best and possibly cutest part about this age is socialization is just starting to kick in. It won’t fully kick in till about 6 weeks, but by now your kitten wants to play, and really begin to socialize with you and his/her littermates.

Testing out his/her paws and claws, mouth and teeth, gently though. Licking and grooming, his/herself. And if you are lucky, you too.

You can check it all out in Coco’s cute kitten video below, it is one of the cutest videos I have seen of a kitten at this age.

Watch it right here below:

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