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After Losing Her Parents The Mistreatment By Relatives Began. They Had Never Seen A More Angry And Bitter Cat!

After losing her owners just months apart, she found herself in the care of relatives who scared and abused her!

After her owners passed away, Cinnamon found herself in her own home, a place she felt safe and secure, in the care of relatives who scared and abused her. At 17 years of age, this senior cat was chased around by people with brooms. Scared and angry she had nowhere to go.

The only option for Cinnamon was foster care. When she arrived at SCARS they had never seen a more angry and bitter cat!

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He refused to let go, it was the only link this senior cat had to his former life.

Dumped on the streets, this senior cat walked and walked until he couldn’t walk anymore!

She had lost everything, her parents, her home, and probably most important of all her trust of humans.

Sitting in her room at SCARS, as far from people as she could possibly get. She hated people now, confused and angry whenever they came to sweep her room, upon seeing the broom she would get furious, probably expecting an attack.

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