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The Look On Her Face Speaks Volumes About What This Overweight Cat Is Forced To Do

Ordered by her vet to work out this ‘Chonker’ of a cat went viral for her loudly vocalized disdain of her exercise routine!

Cinderblock the cat is an extremely overweight kitty, an obese cat, of that there is no doubt. So overweight she was ordered by her vet at Northshore Veterinary Hospital in Bellingham, Washington to begin exercise classes to shed some pounds.

Cinderblock, however, was less than pleased with her new exercise regime, very indignant she meowed her disdain while staring right at the camera, she soon became an internet star!

You can see why she is so unhappy, the exercise she has to do combines two of her least favorite things, water and having to walk.

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Her indignation struck a chord with many people on the net who can relate with exactly how she feels.

To rub salt into the wound, she was also forced to do something else!

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