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Abandoned At 21, She Wants To Make His Remaining Days The Best Of His Life

It was in his twilight years that he was abandoned by his owners, left at a local vet they never came back.

That was when Adriene Nicole came along. Adriene happened upon Tigger’s story in the local Canton Neighbours page and decided to go meet this forlorn feline.

She found a very sad and confused cat, probably wondering why his owners had left him. It was then and there that she decided to make a home for him. Making his twilight years the best of his life.

Sadly she was to find out that along with a large tumor, Tigger also has kidney failure. But that did not stop Adriene, she decided to create a “bucket list” of things to do for him

You can watch the full video right here below:

As she puts it, “Though he has kidney failure and we found a tumor, he kicks it like a 12 yr old.

“Though it might not be much to others, all the little trips outside are a blast for him because he loves to be outdoors…the beach being his favorite so far,” she went on to say. “The most important part is that Tigger’s story just shows how amazing it is to adopt a geriatric pet and give them the best remaining days!

He has forever changed our hearts and will hopefully change the hearts of others when it comes to adopting older pets!”Click here to discover what a lit

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