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A Week After Being Rescued She Is Transformed, Showing Her Love In The Most Heartmelting Way Possible!

Out one day he spots a stay kitten on her own, clearly needing help!

Omar Kadaba, doesn’t think twice he picks her up and brings the tiny feline home.

After one week this precious kitten is transformed and returns the favor of Omars love and attention in the sweetest way.

Screenshot via YouTube/Omar Kadaba

“This is Ara, a little kitten i rescued last week, she loves to cuddle :)” – Omar Kabada

The tiny kitten thanks her new Dad, who not only rescued her but also adopted her by showering him with cuddles and kisses.

Screenshot via YouTube/Omar Kadaba

This tiny girl has melted Omar’s heart!

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Only watch if you are prepared to have your heart melt like an icecream on a hot summer day.

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She is so happy at finding a forever home she can’t stop hugging him!

Screenshot via YouTube/Omar Kadaba

Omar is so glad he stopped and picked her up. His unconditional love has made all the difference in Ara’s life.

And she clearly appreciates it.

Screenshot via YouTube/Omar Kadaba

Omar thought she was so cute he decided to film her interactions with him and share it with the world.

While we are just glad he stopped long enough to save a life.

Screenshot via YouTube/Omar Kadaba

Watch as this cute, thankful kitten showers her dad with lots of love by giving the sweetest kitty cuddles and kisses.

Awww… she may have melted Omar’s heart but she has just melted my heart too.

Watch the video right here below:

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