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There Is Only One Thing Better Than A Box, That’s A Moving Box That Takes A Cat To Their Favorite Place

Watch their interest when Mom brings in some plastic boxes and takes them on a mobile adventure to “Treat Palace Station!”

These cats are constantly entertained by their Pawsome parents at CreamHeroes. Their parents know how much a cat loves boxes, and Mom has come home with some plastic ones which she proceeds to put together?

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/CreamHeroes

Clearly highly interested the cats come over to check it out and many waste no time in getting in and making themselves completely comfortable. After all, a box is a box, even when its a plastic box with wheels on.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/CreamHeroes

Lulu becomes a little concerned when her box begins to move but quickly relaxes.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/CreamHeroes

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Watch their faces change as they learn how far their humans are prepared to go for them.

This is the moment he finds out how much his humans truly love him!

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/CreamHeroes

They all soon learn they are going to go on a train ride through “The Dark Valley,” to “Treat Palace Station!”

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/CreamHeroes

They all quickly jump in after hearing ‘Treat Palace!” Some passengers are a little less excited than others.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/CreamHeroes

And go straight to sleep.

In case you’re having a rough day and looking for something adorable, look no further! because this ameowzing video from CreamHeroes will surely brighten up your whole day.

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/CreamHeroes

Watch as these 7 adorable cats experience riding an improvise cat train for the first time. You can clearly see how these fur-babies feel comfortable while riding the cat train.

Watch this highly entertaining video right here below:

After a fun journey, the final destination is “Treat Palace Station!”

Screenshot Courtesy of YouTube/CreamHeroes

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After days of searching for her missing cat, she comes up empty-handed. Then she sees a stray cat staring right at her, she decides to approach it.

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