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A Family That Sleeps Together, Is A Family That Stays Together

They say that a family that plays together stays together, what about a family that sleeps together?

Judging from this cute feline family that is exactly what is going to happen, play together, eat together and sleep together.

The only problem I have with this short video is just that, it is too short, this is so cute I think I could watch it for hours.

Too watch this over whelmingly cute video please click play below:

But here’s some good news, not only is it cute watching cute cats sleep, if you sleep with your cats its good for you too, here’s why.

Sleeping together seems to be of benefit to both felines and us mere mortals…how’s that for good news!

Those of us in the majority already know that sleeping with our cats can certainly be calming, help release stress, and promote bonding with your cat. Cats tend to be nocturnal, though, which can lead to some pretty irritating behaviors.

So choose carefully which cat you are going to be spending the night with, some will sleep the night through, while others will wake you up at 3.oo am to play.

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