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She Trusts Her Human So Much You Won’t Believe What She Does Next!

She trusts her human so much, what she does goes completely against a cats nature.

As we know cats have an inbuilt mechanism, which means when they fall they always land on their feet, on all four paws. But what Didga does is incredible, in that she completely overcomes that urge to spin and point her feet at the ground.

You may have heard of Didga before, or seen her videos. She is that sun-loving, surf-loving cat from the land down under, Australia. If that’s not enough she is also into skateboarding and whole array of other adventurous sports. But this trick makes those other feats pale into comparison.

Watch Didga’s incredible feat here:

With nothing but gentle encouragement, Didga willingly performs “trust falls” for her human! What’s so unbelievable about this stunt is that doing it goes completely against a cat’s nature.

“A thousand percent against their instinct, she ‘trusts’ me to catch her as she falls straight back into my hands,” writes her proud human on YouTube.

That IS total trust! You can see that Didga does this trick all on her own, and she looks perfectly calm doing it. She and her human must have an amazing bond!

This new Mom completely trusts a very unlikely baby sitter with her newborn kittens!

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