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Having Rescued Many Stray Kittens In The Past, This Was The First Time He Had Ever Been Approached by One!

Outside working one day, he was surprised to turn around and see he was being watched by a local stray!

A Chicago artist, Michael Day, happened to by working outside one day, doing some spray paint art, when he happened to turn around and find he was being watched!

Closely watched, in fact, by an audience of one. A very cute ginger ball of fur, a stray kitten was sitting on his garden blocks curiously watching what was going on.

Photo Courtesy Of Michael Day

Michael continued painting while his new friend continued watching.

Michael is no stranger to the neighborhood’s stray and feral cats, having rescued many. But this was the first time he had ever been approached by one.

Photo Courtesy Of Michael Day

“I figured he wanted some food and water so I gave him both. We had a cat so we had extra food,” Michael shared.

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His cat lets him know in no uncertain terms what he thinks about being spied on!

When Michael finished he looked only to find the kitten was gone. Worried for his well being he left out some food and water before settling in for the night.

Photo Courtesy Of Michael Day

The very next evening, while continuing his project, he heard a tiny meow and saw his old friend had come back for another visit. Perhaps he had been on the search for a forever home and decided Michael was the chosen one?

He walked right on up to his new human friend wanting cuddles, how could Michael resist?

Photo Courtesy Of Michael Day

“He came right up to me.”

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