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Without His Mothers Milk, Food Or Funding, He Was Fast Tracked To Be Put Down

“Trying to pinpoint the issue in such a tiny kitten is critical.”
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“Motherless neonatal kittens have the highest risk for developing infections and have a significantly less chance of survival because they lack the nutrients from their mom,” Lika explained.

She placed little Mochi on two medications, bottle-fed him around the clock, and made sure the little kitten felt supported with plenty of cuddles. A day later, the little kitten appeared more energetic and displayed a new appetite.

Photo: Instagram/ fosterkittensvegas

“I was confident we would beat this,” Lika told Love Meow. “He’s back! He beat it,” she cheered. “Once he felt better his true personality came out and he was the happiest, fluffiest little boy.”

Nowadays, Mochi is playful, fluffy furball who loves belly rubs, playtime, and is growing with remarkable speed. “Fostering a critical care kitten can be very hard and emotionally draining but the rewards are by far greater,” she admits. “Seeing him thrive is my pride and joy.”

You can watch the remarkable vido of Mochi’s rescue here:

Check out this talkative little cutie – one thing is for sure she sure does have a lot to say, but she’s so cute doing it!

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