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Without His Mothers Milk, Food Or Funding, He Was Fast Tracked To Be Put Down

Life is had enough for orphaned kittens, without their mother’s milk, along with lack of space and funding in our country’s shelters, many head straight for euthanasia.

This horrible situation becomes overwhelming in kitten season when shelters simply cannot cope with the sudden influx of kittens on top of the stray and feral cats they are already trying to help.

Photo: Instagram/ fosterkittensvegas

There’s no space, and very little funding, so sadly, many kittens head straight for euthanasia. Unfortunately, quite literally thousands are killed each year.

Photo: Instagram/ fosterkittensvegas

For one little guy on that list that seemed to be his impending fate. Mochi was in a Las Vegas shelter, petrified and all on his own. Unless someone did something, by the end of the day, Mochi’s short life would be over.

Mochi’s fate was similar to this kittens who couldn’t even eat! Luckily for Mochi, someone heard about his plight and grabbed him in the nick of time. Hearts Alive Village, Las Vegas took Mochi back to their center and a volunteer foster Mom offered to have him almost straight away.

Photo: Instagram/ fosterkittensvegas

Even though he was filthy, covered in poop and goodness knows what else, with just one look at his face Lika knew she had to take him. She took home one very scared kitten and gave him a bath.

He also had an eye infection so she administered some drops, along with medication which seemed to perk him up. However, Mochi was by no means out of the woods! The next day he came down with a gastrointestinal infection and his weight dropped quite drastically.

To find out what happens to Mochi click next below!

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