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The Bites To Her Head Were So Severe, They Couldn’t Quite Believe She Was Still Breathing?

When she arrived at the clinic they were shocked at what they saw! With such severe dog bites to her head hospital staff were surprised she was still alive?

The three-month-old kitten had such severe dog bites to her head, that she was still breathing had staff truly baffled! Being such a fighter, the staff at RSPCA’s Putney Animal Hospital, Surrey, England were not going to give up on her.

Her former owners had brought her to Putney Animal Hospital after an attack by a dog. No one knows how it happened, what caused the dog to do such a thing? That her owners had even brought her in shows that it probably wasn’t neglect.

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However it happened, she was still alive and she was now fighting for her life.

“This poor kitten was close to death and in a bad way when she came into the care of the hospital,” said hospital administrator Joanne Elmes. “She was placed in an intensive care unit cage to recover. Pretty much all of her head, face and neck were affected so she must have been in a lot of pain.”

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Covered in wounds a tiny kitten is wrapped in bandages, though the situation seems hopeless.

Found in a park trashcan with serious wounds.

She had a broken jaw and cheekbone, so her jaw had to be wired shut. She was also bleeding from one of her eye sockets, the dog was probably on to her before she even saw it coming.

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At one point the vets were so concerned for her well being they even thought it might be kinder to put her down! Instead, she was treated, cleaned up and staff waited, hoping she would recover physically.

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