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With No One To Turn To, At Only Three Weeks Old He Was Left Behind, Blind And Helpless, Rejected By His Mom!

A palm-sized kitten is completely helpless having been abandoned by his Mom at only three weeks old!

Having been rejected by his Mom he was completely blind and helpless at only three weeks old.

His eyes sealed shut he could easily be mistaken for a newborn kitten, fitting into person’s palm with room to spare.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/The Kitten Guiness

When animal rescuer Beth Walden, based in Florida, heard about the struggling kitten she was determined to help.

Taking him into her home the first thing she did was start feeding him. He couldn’t eat like other kittens is age so she had to feed him drop by drop, something she would have to do around the clock.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/The Kitten Guiness

Beth then removed a thick layer of crust around his eyes and treated them for infection.

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Crying continuously, they were clearly abandoned by their Mom and were very very hungry.

After being abandoned by his Mom he was found on the side of the road, bleeding and unable to walk.

Unsure if he would ever see again, she would have to wait patiently for him to open them.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/The Kitten Guiness

It was a couple of weeks of dedicated loving care from Beth when finally the tiny kitten she named Guinness began to thrive. His appetite grew and along with it his personality too, yet his eyes were still closed.

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