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Facing Certain Death, When He Saw Her He Showed His Gratitude In The Only Way He Knew How

He only had a few hours left before his time was up. She, however, was going to do her best to save him.

Cat Rescue Newcastle happens to have many dedicated foster parents for felines needing a fresh start. One, in particular, is Adele, she was prepared to go the extra mile for a cat called Henry whose time was almost up on Death Row.

Photo Courtesy of Mandy Corby

Finding out about Henry’s predicament, Adele contacted the pound and drove right there.

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She finds herself on death row all because she has one extra chromosome!

He is placed on death row because they said he was unadoptable.

She swooped in hoping she was in time to save Henry’s soon to be shortened life.

Photo Courtesy of Mandy Corby

But where was Henry?

To find out what happened next click 2 below!

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