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Along With Deep Lacerations He Had A Crushed Spine. Things Did Not Look Great As The Days Ticked Down To His Euthanasia Date!

Brought into the British Columbia SPCA with the saddest face ever seen, deep lacerations, a crushed spine, and a cauliflower ear, things did look good for BenBen, and they were about to get worse………… until something amazing happens.

Many other shelters would have euthanized BenBen, but the BCSPCA wanted to give him the best chance at life. After his deep lacerations were treated that seemed like it was going to be a reality when a family came to adopt him.

Unfortunately, he was soon returned to the shelter when his medical needs became too great for them to deal with.

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Abandoned for being too cuddly, he was taken to a high kill shelter.

Due to be put down simply because of the way he looked.

BenBen was put back up for adoption.

Source: Instagram

However, alongside much healthier cats his chances at ever being adopted again seemed to go from slim to nil.

Confirmation of this came from a vet who said BenBen would never walk again and would probably be on pain medication for the rest of his life.


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