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When They Opened The Cage They Thought They Had Received One Cute Kitten. Waiting Under The Towel Was A Big Surprise

Because just a few days later she received another call from the shelter.

The shelter and thought they were receiving only one kitten, hidden in the back of the carrier was another kitten, they had absolutely no idea about it until much later?

The second, equally cute, little tabby had been hiding in the back under a towel. His presence was unknown until staff went to remove the towel and he was unveiled. Later the two boys were to be named Barnes and noble.

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The first tabby, Noble, is about 2-3 weeks older. The second tabby, Barnes, is much smaller and likes to snuggle in his brother’s fluff. There were no clues that confirm the kittens ware from one mother so they think that the kittens are from different mothers due to their age being not too far apart.

Sarah added that the kittens are most likely from the same colony. Maybe, their moms were sisters.

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As we do with our little brothers Noble did the same, he always takes care of his little brother. The first time, they huddled up together in their comfort spot (the box) and wouldn’t leave each other. Sarah said that all that they wanted is just to sleep in the box.

After some days, the two kittens realized they were in safe hands, they began to explore and venture out of their litter box and into comfortable beds and fluffy carpets.

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Clearly unwell, she sits motionless on the sidewalk. Everyone just walks right on by.

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