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Expecting To Recieve One Kitten In Need Of Immediate Care And Attention, Hidden In The Carrier Was A Big Surprise!

A North Carolina animal shelter was accepting one cute kitten being dropped off in a pet carrier, at least that’s what they thought they were doing.

At three weeks old they thought they only had one cute kitten needing immediate foster care. Things were to change very very soon.

Screenshot via Youtube video

A volunteer of Sparkle Cat Rescue was contacted to see if she could take the little furball into foster care. Sarah Kelly happened to be in the Barnes and Noble book store when she received the call. She was told how small the kitten was and that it would need bottle feeding.

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The look that melted his rescuer’s heart.

He ran to them looking for help. They soon found out he was not alone!

“As we were headed over to pick him up, we were talking about how we wished it had been a pair and how cute it would be to name them Barnes and Noble.”

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As it turns out, Sarah’s words were very prophetic!

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