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When She Rescued Him She Was In For A Big Surprise!

When she found him and his sibling he was four months old, he was a very sick but very cute tuxedo kitten. But he wouldn’t stay that way for long!

Nicole found the kittens on a farm in Germany, they where not in a good way, both were very ill. So she rescued them and took them to her home, nursing them back to health.

She named the tuxedo kitten Elli and his sister Rosie, both were very affectionate little felines with warm personalities.

But from the outset, Elli was more than just a little different when compared to his sister.

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He started to get a white streak on his shoulder.

You can watch Elli’s story here:

So Nicole took her to the vet to find out what was going on. She was surprised to learn that Elli had vitiligo, a very rare skin condition that affects the skin and fur. Luckily the effect is purely aesthetic, so doesn’t bother the cat at all.

A year after Elli came into Nicole’s life her black and white coat had turned into a dazzling display of dappled grays.

Even though Elli’s coat is constantly changing, her personality is still as gorgeous a sever.

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A tiny kitten, he was placed on ‘Kitty Cat Death Row’ because they thought he was unadoptable.

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