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When She Picked Up The Frightened Kitten It Clung To Her Refusing To Let Go.

While out cycling on a lonely country road they heard a loud screeching noise. Stopping to investigate what it might be they saw her, trying to hide, all alone!

They were cycling through a quiet wooded area with not a house in sight when they heard it. It came out of nowhere, a loud screeching noise, seemingly coming from a patch of ferns on the side of the road.

Photo Courtesy of Céline @tartemadame

Céline (@tartemadame) and her husband, Daniel (@cycling.dan) first thought it might be some sort of bird, so they stopped to try and find where the noise was coming from. That’s when they saw it, a tiny, very frightened little kitten.

Very distressed, crying over and over, she wouldn’t have a bar of coming near Céline and Daniel. So Céline lay down on the ground, all the while talking softly to the frightened little feline. Thinking things over the kitten decided that the couple meant no harm, so she waddled over to Céline wanting some cuddles.

Photo Courtesy of Céline @tartemadame

Refusing to leave Céline alone, she climbed all over her, meowing and meowing. That was when they decided they had to get the little one back to their home a soon as possible.

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The ride back was a long one though, they tried to place the kitten inside their cycling tops, but she was constantly squirming, they were worried she could fall out at any time. So they placed her back in her hiding spot and cycled home for the car as fast as they could go, all the while hoping she wouldn’t wander off.

Photo Courtesy of Céline @tartemadame

When the got back home they grabbed a box and drove right back hoping she was still there.

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