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When Looking At His Battered Cats Face, Most People Want To Run Or Worse Still, Throw Stones

Looking at a street cat like him, most people may want to either run away, scare him off, or worse still, throw things at him.

When he was rescued, Lemond the stray cat was covered in scars, he had lost one eye, the socket was really just an open wound.

Screenshot via YouTube/HLN

He had also almost completely lost the shape of one ear due to constant itching from a severe ear mite infection.

Screenshot via YouTube/HLN

However, what most people wouldn’t realize is, that under the rough appearance lives a very sweet soul.

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A heart of gold.

Screenshot via YouTube/HLN

Lemond was rescued by Dekalb County Animal Control, Georgia, it didn’t take a genius to see he was in awful shape. He was covered in motor oil and had a severe flea infestation, his eye socket was also badly infected.

Screenshot via YouTube/HLN

Furkids rescue organization took in the battered street cat, he would need good veterinary care and lots of love and attention.

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