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Despite Their Differences, They Had Everything In Common, No Place To Call Home And No One To Love Them!

They both had something in common, a past without love, a past without a home. Perhaps it was this that cemented their friendship?

Wesley’s appearance and his breeds bad reputation appeared to have sealed his fate. Because of it, he had lived most of his life in an animal shelter before he was rescued by Maria. He has since proved all the doubters wrong.

He proved to be a loving dog. Extremely loyal, he shattered all the myths surrounding his breed. In the process made his owner very happy he was the one she had chosen. But this Pit Bull’s reputation was about to be put to the test again.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/wesleythechickennugget

Mary trusts her dog, she knows how kind he is. But it’s hard to ignore the long-standing rumors of enmity between dogs and cats when you have just brought home a stray kitten recently rescued from the streets.

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He was clearly lonely because once he met her dog the stray kitten came back for more!

He usually gets a very excited greeting when he gets home! Not this time, this time his dog leads him straight to the bathtub?

It took her a while to introduce them even though they were living in the same house.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/wesleythechickennugget

A well-supervised introduction would have to be made.

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