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After A Stray Cat Suddenly Appeared From Nowhere In The Family Car He Got Much More Than A Free Ride!

He announced his presence by jumping onto the dashboard while Mom was driving her daughter to school!

Melina was on her to drop her daughter off to school when suddenly a cat appeared from nowhere and jumped onto her the dashboard of the family car!

At first in shock at such a random occurrence, Melina understandably began to panic, then she realized who had appeared in her car!

She had seen this stray wandering around outside her home, he must have taken the opportunity of entering her car while one of the doors was open, then got trapped inside.

Freaked out by what was happening Melina and her daughter tried to move the hitchhiker off the dash!

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He took a nap in Utah only to wake up in a completely different state!

After buying a boat the crossed several state lines only two find two unexpected hitch hikers inside?

However, he seemed to know where he wanted to be and moved to the back of the car all on his own.

Once home, Marina and her daughter tried to catch the cat, but he managed to bolt for the door and regain his freedom.

They thought that was the end of this episode in their lives and that he was probably long gone.

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