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Walking Past An Alleyway With Some Sealed Boxes, She Continues On Her Way. Until Suddenly She Hears A Cry For Help!

On her way home, she walked by some sealed boxes, thinking nothing of it until she heard something that made her stop in her tracks!

She was on way home from work in London when she happened to be strolling past an alleyway containing several cardboard boxes, thinking nothing of it she continued on her way until she heard something that made her abruptly stop in her tracks.

From within some of the boxes, she could hear tiny cries for help!

Photo Courtesy of CHAT

She could see the boxes were sealed shut with heavy industrial adhesive tape so she called animal rescuers right away.

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Against all odds, they somehow survived the night, just long enough for him to find them!

Clearly distressed she led her owner through the woods to a sealed box sitting amongst the trees!

Rescuers from CHAT, Celia Hammond Animal Trust, rushed to the scene only to hear the heartbreaking meows from cats and kittens trapped inside the sealed boxes. Because the boxes were left near a busy intersection in Stratford they had to be very careful.

Screenshot via YouTube/Cat man Chris

“There were no air holes in the boxes,” CHAT wrote. “We didn’t know their temperaments so didn’t dare open the boxes and risk them flying out into the road, so made a few tiny holes to let air in but not big enough to allow them to rip at the cardboard and escape.” 

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