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After Giving Her A Meal She Seemed To Decide He Was Safe, Curling Into His Arms She Was Soon Asleep

He was out and about one day when he came across a very skinny, very hungry stray cat.

Out in his neighborhood, Imgur user Ridureyu came across a very skinny, very frightened stray cat.

Photo Courtesy of Ridureyu

Seeing how hungry she was he decided to give her a meal.

Photo Courtesy of Ridureyu

After wolfing down her meal she tentatively approached the man who had shown her some kindness.

Photo Courtesy of Ridureyu

Giving him a lick on his fingers she seemed to be deciding if he was safe.

Photo Courtesy of Ridureyu

Ridureyu decided to see what would happen if he let her inside his home.

Photo Courtesy of Ridureyu

After exploring his home for about five minutes she seemed to make her mind.

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He didn’t have a cat, so when he came home from work and found one sitting in his chair he got quite a surprise!

Tall and skinny for a cat he turned up out of nowhere looking for food.

After jumping on the couch she curled into his arm and fell fast asleep, all the while purring contentedly.

Photo Courtesy of Ridureyu

Not letting go, it was as if she was saying this is my human.

Photo Courtesy of Ridureyu

The next day Ridureyu took his new houseguest for a check-up, and also to ask around seeing if she belonged to someone.

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