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Malnourished, Unable To Walk They Found Her Crawling On The Sidewalk Dragging Something Behind Her?

Playing on the streets one summer day a group of kids sees a tiny kitten on the sidewalk. Something was not right, unable to able to walk it was dragging something behind it.

They could something was wrong right away, this little kitten was unable to walk, crawling on the sidewalk she dragging something behind her.

As they got closer they could see what she was dragging was hers own rear legs, all wrapped in crude makeshift casts. Not able to turn their backs they wanted to help and took her upstairs to their parents.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Kathy Hamel

Their parents contacted Kathy Hamel founder of Arizona Shih Tzu and Small Breed Rescue who understandably assumed her legs were broken and needed to see a vet.

The family had named the little kitten Cupcake, Kathy loved the named and took the forlorn little feline to the vet to have her casts removed.

Photo Courtesy of Facebook/Kathy Hamel

The first cast came off smoothly, however, the second was quite tight and needed to soak in water, after which it came off easily.

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When she saw it it meowed in desperation and tried to walk toward her.

Four kittens were found in a trash bah, they knew they had to go back for Mom.

Both Kathryn and the vet were surprised to find the kitten’s legs were fine! Why would someone place casts on and the otherwise healthy animal then abandoned her on the streets?

The vet told Kathryn that had this kitten been left on the streets one more day she would never have made it. She still had a long way to go.

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