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Unable To Eat, Motherless, Alone And Desperately Sick She Was Going To Be Euthanized

She met the tiny motherless kitten in the summer of 2017. She had been found alone with no Mom to care for her and very very ill. It looked as though euthanasia was to be the only choice for her.

If not for Lindsey a big-hearted veterinary student in her final year at the University of Florida. She decided to care for the very ill kitten. Smush, as she was named, could not eat on her own and required round the clock care, with syringe meals every four hours.


She also had extreme ringworm along with an upper respiratory infection. She received medication for the infection along with regular baths for the ringworm. What was nice was Lindsey was able to bring Smush to campus as she was a member of the veterinary college.


Smush’s respiratory infection cleared up but her ringworm proved difficult to completely clear even with regular baths. It is a common fungal infection in kittens with impaired immune systems, and desperately itchy.

Eventually, the infection cleared and Smush was eating on her own. She no longer depended on Lindsey for her survival so she was placed into Foster care. Her story was similar to this kitten who was found abandoned by its Mom in the rain.

Click play below to watch Smush’s full story:

A photographer named Shannon Jackson became aware of Smush through her volunteer work. She told Love Meow:

“I am a photographer and volunteer with multiple pet rescues and animal welfare organizations so I knew about Smush. My wife Sarah and I knew that she belonged with us.”

Photo Courtesy of SmushOfficial

Smush officially joined the family – which includes three other cats, three dogs and a hedgehog – just in time to celebrate Thanksgiving!

Despite her unique appearance and difficult background, Smush holds her own among her diverse group of pet-siblings. Jackson says she is sassy and “as feisty as they come!”

Photo Courtesy of SmushOfficial

The photographer created the following video to pay tribute to Lindsey and everyone who devoted their time to helping the helpless kitten survive and thrive.

Jackson chronicles Smush’s adventures on Facebook and Instagram. Just days after her adoption, the little survivor already has more than a thousand followers on each page! Join her fans for daily doses of adorableness!

Photo Courtesy of SmushOfficial

This cat was abandoned and has been waiting in the same spot for a year for his family to come back and get him.

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