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Things Become Too Much, And They Are No Longer Wanted! Two Senior Cat Brothers, Abandoned At 21-Years Of Age!

Two elderly bonded brothers find themselves abandoned in an RSPCA shelter at the age of 21 years because they were not coping with ‘family life!

Two senior cat brothers in England have found themselves abandoned at the RSPCA animal shelter in Northamptonshire, after being abandoned by their owners because they were not coping well with family life!

At the ripe old age of 21 the bonded brothers, Leon and Nikita have both grown well beyond the average life of most UK moggies. Sadly the cute pair found themselves in need of a forever home, something most cats at their age never get.

Photo Courtesy of RSPCA

Not wanting this to be the case, the RSPC Northamptonshire branch quickly moved into high gear to get the two elderly cats adopted so they could enjoy the rest of their feline retirement.

“Due to their age, we are keen to get these lovely boys settled into a new home asap,” the RSPCA Northamptonshire Branch previously said. 

Photo Courtesy of RSPCA

“They are just such lovely cats, and at 21-years-old they just should not be in rescue,” Michelle Billingham, an animal care supervisor at the animal rescue, told the Northampton Chronicle & Echo.

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Even though they are in their early 20’s – more than 100 years in human years – they are in relatively good health, though Nikita has been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism.

Photo Courtesy of RSPCA

“He will need blood tests over the next few weeks or months at our vet’s to check how he is responding to medication,” said the RSPCA, which will offer support to a new owner within the county.

A report recently published by the Royal Veterinary College says that the average life of a domestic cat in the United Kingdom is roughly 14 years of age. Though some cats can live far longer than that.

“Due to their age, we are keen to get these lovely boys settled into a new home asap,” the RSPCA said on its website. “Leon and Nikita are an affectionate pair who enjoy chin tickles and human company.”

This would need to be a home with no young children, a place where the pair could relax and enjoy the quiet life. The RSPCA received applications from all around the world, as far away as the USA. Whittling down the list they think they have found the perfect home right here in Northamptonshire.

Photo Courtesy of RSPCA

“We really wanted to keep them together in Northamptonshire, and we’re delighted that has been possible.”


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