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She Was Found Emaciated, Dehydrated And Malnourished, Doing Her Best To Keep Her Sole Surviving Kitten Alive!

She was found living in a Brooklyn backyard, emaciated and dehydrated, struggling to keep her last surviving kitten alive.

Josefina, the kind-hearted woman who found the struggling Mom and her sole surviving kitten knew they need help right away. So she contacted Stephanie Tulien, Adoptions Director of Little Wanderers NYC. Knowing how urgent the situation was, Stephanie got to the scene as quickly as she could.

Photo Courtesy of Little Wanderers NYC

What Stephanie found was enough to break her heart. A starving cat Mom and her only surviving kitten, covered in so many fleas you could actually see them crawling over her tiny body.

This brave Mom was doing her best to keep her only surviving kitten alive, however, she was in danger of losing the battle and needed help ASAP.

Photo Courtesy of Little Wanderers NYC

Their living conditions were appalling, to say the least. They were both dehydrated and extremely malnourished.

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Found dazed and confused she was a feeding Mom but were where her kittens.

She arrived at the shelter on her own, when they went to check on her she was nursing a litter of newborn kittens.

She had done everything she could in an extremely difficult situation, just to keep them both going. But they both needed immediate medical care and attention.

Photo Courtesy of Little Wanderers NYC

One thing was obvious right away.

These two would not survive much longer where they were, so a rescue team was organized to save them.

Photo Courtesy of Little Wanderers NYC

The lovely tuxedo Mom and her cute kitten were rushed for emergency care at a nearby animal hospital.

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