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Trapped In A Tree, Dehydrated And Starving, By The Time He Arrived At The Hospital He Was No Longer Moving!

Found trapped in a tree, by the time they got him to the hospital he was almost nonresponsive!

After getting a call from a friend of hers regarding a kitten rescued from tree foster Mom working with Wrenn Rescues, Ashley Kelly, is soon at the scene to pick up the tiny kitten and take him to the vet.

By the time she got to Oaks Vet Care, she is very concerned as he was barely moving!

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

“I was honestly pretty worried about him. And he didn’t move in my arms when the (super sweet and wholesome!) family handed him to me.”

“But once they got him on the exam table at oaks, and gave fluids and antibiotics and got his face wiped up, suddenly he was playing with wiggly fingers, chowing down on canned food, begging for pets, and coming alive,” said Ashley.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

It turns out the kitten had been found by a group of kids hiding out in a tree. Unable to get down they had rescued him, giving him the name Pikachu.

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Trapped in a dumpster stuck in the grime to patrolling the streets his partner in fighting crime.

Trapped for so long in the freezing mud, struggling only made him weaker still!

He was riddled with lice and fleas at the time, as well as being dehydrated and very very thin. Once he had perked up, and been cleaned up, Ashley took him right home.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

Pikachu was about 6 weeks old and was soon well on the way to a full recovery. It became clear two of his favorite pastimes were playing with fingers and eating

Once he has been treated again for lice he will be introduced to another kitten in need of a friend, Ripley.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

Soon the big day arrived and the pair were introduced.

Pikachu was not so forthcoming as his new friend but soon they were hitting it off.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

While he was not so forthcoming with other cats Pikachu loved people.

Enjoying as many face rubs and belly rubs he could get.

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

Ashley in the meantime was so relieved the kids had found him when they did.

“I am so happy he doesn’t have to grow up on the streets. (Or worse, die on the streets. Which is sadly, the route he was on).”

Photo Courtesy of Insagram/bruceandfoxters

It was also clear there was one thing he hated above all else!

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