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Suffering From Grief After Losing All Her Kittens She Soon Meets A Tiny Sick Orphan In Great Need

Only a week before Mother’s Day A Moma cat loses her entire litter, but not her mother’s instinct. A miracle was to come into her life in the form of a second chance.

Flame, a Moma cat, tragically lost all her babies soon after they were born, she had had so much love to give but no one to give it to. She got the chance to give that love when a tiny sick orphan arrived at the Atlanta Humane Society (AHS).

Photo Courtesy of Atlanta Humane Society

She would have to employ all her motherly skills on this kitten, because this kitten, Flame was very sick. It would take a miracle for him to survive, but Flame had a miracle, that miracle was Ember!

Photo Courtesy of Atlanta Humane Society

Flame took him straight into her heart!

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Just as if he was one of her own litter, she immediately went to work caring for the sickly kitten.

Photo Courtesy of Atlanta Humane Society

But there was still a long way to go.

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