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With Nowhere To Go, Waiting For Curbside Pickup, Time Was Running Out For Mom And Her Babies!

Forced to raise her family in an old abandoned couch, time was running out!

Hope for Paws, an animal rescue organization received a text message from a young girl about a family of cats, a Mom, and her litter of kittens that were living in an old abandoned couch that could be picked up by trash collectors at any moment.

As the location was an hour away the team sprang into action, time being of the essence in this situation.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope for Paws

When they turned up at the scene they saw a young ginger Moma cat and gave her a meal to help her feel more relaxed around them.

She wasted no time in eating the welcome meal and quickly returned to her babies, giving the rescue team some time to set up a trap.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope for Paws

Smelling more food Mom was quickly back for another meal and was soon safe and sound in the trap. Now it was time to rescue her kittens.

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Closing his doors due to quarantine regulations he can’t leave a litter of kittens trapped inside. With time running out he calls for help!

The very first time she picked him up he shook with fear!

Not knowing how old the kittens were they set up a fence to stop would-be escapees making a run for it, then the first kitten was pulled out of the couch, and what a sweetie he was!

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope for Paws

Before long they had rescued the other three and were now all safe in the cat box. It was time to take them to the clinic for some medical attention.

Once at the clinic the kittens were all given names, Todd, Ella, Patty, and James.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope for Paws

The mother cat they named Kimberly. It was time for some medical attention as three of the kittens had eye infections, luckily nothing serious

It was such a lovely moment to see Kimberly reunited with her babies in a safe environment.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope for Paws

The rescuers were so happy that they got to the couch before the trash collectors, otherwise this family’s story would have ended very badly indeed.

The whole family are now being fostered together and once ready will be put up for adoption.

Screenshot via YouTube/Hope for Paws

Watch the full rescue video right here below:

For more details please go to

You can find out more about Hope For Paws or make a donation here.

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