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Once She Walked Into The Shelter And Layed Eyes On This Fluffly Himalayan, She Didn’t Stand A Chance

Having had to be separated from an owner she loved, when she saw this woman, she knew she had found her new forever home!

At 14 years of age, this fluffy Himalayan her previous owner were inseparable, but due to ongoing health problems, her owner could no longer care for the cat she loved. Miss Molly found herself in a shelter, waiting for some who would love her as much as her previous owner did.

Miss Molly had spent her whole life in her previous home, a home where she was loved. So it came as a huge shock to find herself in such a strange foreign environment.

Courtesy of Olivia C/@blueeyes_bushytail

She had been taken in by Animal Rescue League of Boston (Cape Cod Branch) and was very well looked after. But it’s not the same as having your own forever home, a place where you feel safe, where you belong.

So she waited, sitting in the same spot day after day, on a shelf in her pen, surveying the all the comings and goings, waiting for that right person.

Courtesy of Olivia C/@blueeyes_bushytail

Then almost two months later it happened, that special someone came to meet Miss Molly. Olvia had found Miss Molly on Petfinder, she had spent months looking for the right cat. She wanted to give a senior cat a loving home, so it didn’t have to live its remaining life stuck in a shelter.

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She had fallen in love with Miss Molly as soon as she saw her, and drove hours to see her.

Courtesy of Olivia C/@blueeyes_bushytail

When she arrived she caught Molly napping on her shelf.

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