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This Was The Only Bed This Stray Kitten Had Ever Known

While stationed overseas a US soldier meets a stray kitten. Normally what happens in this sort of story are a few photos and cuddles and each party goes their own way. But not in this story.

Justin was serving overseas in Romania when he was lucky enough to meet a very engaging black kitten. Not only engaging but also very enterprising, because this black kitten with a white patch on his chest, followed Justin back to base!

All images reprinted with permission from Justin.

From then on a new friendship is born, this little stray fell in love with his soldier friend, and truth be told I think the feeling was mutual. This helmet you see in the photo below was the closest thing this little guy had ever known to a bed.

All images reprinted with permission from Justin.

Now after a long day, this US soldier had something to remind him of home when he came back to base. A tiny black cat is ready to sit on his knee. Salem, as Justin called him, is ready and waiting for his friend to come back to barracks.

Salem, it has to be said, shares the love though. Not at all what you would call shy and retiring, he puts a smile on the face of everyone he comes into contact with.

All images reprinted with permission from Justin.

According to Justin, Romania has a huge problem with stray cats and kittens, they are found everywhere.

All images reprinted with permission from Justin.

A GoFundme page was set up for Salem in the hope to take the tiny stray home with Justin and find his forever home.

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It’s not an easy life for a stray in Romania, and it’s only going to get harder with winter on the way. He is threatened by other stray cats not to mention fleas and other parasites. Any money that is left over from the GoFundme campaign will be donated to other animal charities.

All images reprinted with permission from Justin.

Justin told iHeartCats that in just a few days’ time, Salem’s GoFundMe page raised over $4,000! This more than covers the cost for the kitty to be vaccinated and flown across country borders.

In the meantime, “Salem has been happily staying with many other kittens at the clinic in town. The rest of the money after the flight will be donated to local organizations, and anyone else wanting to help the cause here in Romania can donate to Oana’s Homeless Street Paws,” Justin told us.

“Oana is the woman that took Salem in and got everything taken care of. I owe her everything. Not only that, she finds kittens and abused or homeless cats every week. She even brought a group on the very day we took Salem to her,” he explained.

We’re thrilled to see this happy ending! Thank you for serving our country and helping strays in Romania…especially one very lucky black kitten!

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She lay there, non-responsive, getting her nutrients from a feeding tube.

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