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After Feeding Her She Came Back Again, This Time She Brought Her Kitten. After Taking A Closer Look She Soon Saw Why!

After appearing in her backyard one day looking for food she came back. This time she was not alone!

She showed up in her backyard one day quite out of nowhere looking for food. So Jamie gave her something to eat. Soon the gorgeous Calico was showing up on a daily basis.

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It wasn’t long before the two of them became the best of friends.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur

One day though she showed up and this time she was not alone.

Photo Courtesy of Imgur

She had brought a tiny ginger kitten with her and she seemed to want Jamie to take him.

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Weak with hunger, he does his best to pull himself free from the frozen mud!

After seeing her trying to move her litter of kittens she took them in. But the Moma cat still wanted out?

But why?

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When Jamie took a closer look at the little boy she soon saw why Mom had brought him.

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