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Starving, Infested With Fleas, This Motherless Kitten Knew When He Saw Him This Was His Last Chance

Covered in his own mess he was starving, completely desperate, this motherless kitten seemed to know this man was his last hope.

He was out in the Virginia woods filming an independent movie when he found they found each other. The motherless kitten was worn out, along with all his other issues he was dehydrated too, practically on his last legs and he seemed to know it too.

Knowing this man was his last hope he allowed Chasemburger, a Reddit user, to approach him and feed him a Cheeto, the only food he had on him at the time.

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As soon as he saw him Chasemburger knew he couldn’t leave him there, he wouldn’t make it, so he took the desperate kitten out of the woods in an effort to save his life.

“Battling the dehydration, starvation, cold and covered in fleebies and his own mess – the little kitty is worn out. 1 lb 2 oz,” Reddit user Chasemburger wrote. “We gave him a name CHEETO because his body was so skinny and his head was so big in comparison – like Chester Cheetah.”

“My mom adopted him- very well, I let him stay in her apartment for one night and that’s all it took.

Cheeto’s new sweet home!” stated Chasemburger.

What a sweet kitty!

And what a hero! Bravo!

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