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Kind-hearted Cat Becomes The Foster Mom of 8 Prickly Babies Who Lost Their Mom!

After an unfortunate lawnmower accident and these baby hedgehogs were left on their own. Unable to feed, two days later they were very hungry!

Their Mom was accidentally hit on the head by a lawnmower, taken in by some good Samaritans the little hoglets refused to feed from a syringe or a bottle. Two days later still having had nothing to eat, things for the baby hedgehogs looked very bleak, they were starving.

The hoglets were taken to Sadgorod Zoo, there Alyona Asnovina, Sadgorod Zoo deputy director saw the zoo cat Musuya hanging out in the yard.

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-Hopes were high she would accept them as her own.

She quickly grabs the new family by the neck and takes off!

Quickly grabbing both the hungry babies and Musuya, she had an idea.

Literally, after a couple of seconds they approached the cat, they understood at once what to do, having felt her warmth and the smell of milk. Surprisingly, the cat also understood instantly what was expected of her. She lay down and fortunately, the hedgehogs began to nurse.”

Luckily Musya still had milk left after taking care of several foster kittens, and the tiny orphans took to her immediately. She not only feeds the hoglets but also takes care of them at night.

The tiny hedgehogs are thriving thanks to the help of their surrogate mama giving them warmth and milk. A mama cat’s unconditional love knows no bounds!

You can watch the full video right below:

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