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Emaciated, She Was In Rough Shape, Especially Her Eyes! Blind, They Were Told It’s Not An Eye Infection?

She received a call about a stray kitten near someone’s doorstep. The person who called thought the kitten and a severe eye infection the eyes looked so bad! But that turned out not to be the case.

Missy Dubuisson, the founder, and director of Wild at Heart Rescue was the person who received the call. She immediately called regular foster Mom Stephanie Roberts who agreed to take the kitten.

Before ending the call Missy said to Stephanie, “I can’t find his eyes though. Please just find his eyes.”

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Roberts

Stevie, as he was to be named, was not in good shape when he met Stephanie.

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Blind and deaf he never left the safety of his bed, until he met a certain tough stray cat.

Blind and alone a tiny kitten sits in a parking lot wondering how she is going to survive.

He was badly underweight and did have an infection in his eye sockets, but it was not an eye infection.

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Roberts

The infection did not seem to affect Stevie’s vision in the least as he had no problem getting around.

Photo Courtesy of Stephanie Roberts

Not walking into or bumping into anything, which made it all the more surprising when they found out what Stevie’s problem was!

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