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Devastated By The Loss Of His Best Friend, Someone Walks Into His Life To Try And Help Fill The Void

The loss of a pet is something many people underestimate until it actually happens. It’s an even harder lesson for a child.

However, if you have a pet as part of your family then you do it with the knowledge that it is a natural part of life. Navigating such a huge loss is something your family will have to do at some point. It’s never easy trying to fill the void.

The healing process is different for every family. Some families coping by finding another pet as soon as they can to fill the void. Others need more time to grieve before they can even think of finding another pet.

Jonathan, a young boy, and his cat Charlie were the best of friends. Bonding right from the get-go when Jonathan was born.

The best buddies did everything together, from napping to playing and eating to sleeping, you name it, they did it.

Then the unthinkable happened, at age 15 Charlie passed away.

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He somehow seems to know. Holding out his paw, they hold hands. This will be their final journey.

His owner passed away, however, this cat has not forgotten.

The whole family was devasted by the loss, but Jonathan, now 6 years old, took it the hardest. After all, Charlie was his best friend.

Soon after Charlie had gone, he began begging for another cat to fill the empty hole in his life. But the rest of the family was not ready for another cat, not so soon after Charlie. For Jonathans Mom, Valerie, the time was not right.

Valerie heard what Jonathan had to say, and let him know what would happen when the time was right.

I told him, ‘When it’s time for us to add another cat to the family, Charlie will send us one,’”

Soon it was November, when one day, out of nowhere a very handsome ginger tabby wandered into Valerie’s yard. Very friendly, she spent some time with the cat as he made himself quite at home in her lap until a car scared him off.

Valerie thought about the encounter for a couple of days until one evening the cat came back again. This time Valerie got her son.

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