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They Didn’t Know It At The Time But Adopting Their Blind Cat Might Have To Be A Package Deal

They had made their choice, but when they went to the shelter to adopt their blind cat, they quickly realized there was more to him than met the ‘eye!’

A Maryland couple had gone to shelter to adopt a cat a blind cat, but when they went to pick him up, instead of one blind cat what they found was two best friends.

Photo Courtesy of Jill Mardesich

Jill Mardisich and her fiance’ had gone to Arundel County Animal Care Center to find their cat Penny a best buddy. When they arrived one cat, in particular, stood out from all the rest.

His name was Lucky Bear, though he was born without eyes he turned out to be not just a Lucky Bear, but also the biggest cuddle bear out there.

He had been brought to the shelter along with his best bud Pumba, a 4-month-old kitten about a month ago when their family could no longer give them the care and attention they required. The former owner had wanted to give them a better life than the one they were currently living.

Anne Arundel County Animal Care and Control

Though he’s blind, the 2-year old ginger tabby doesn’t know any different, to him being blind is his normal. When he arrived he quickly showed all the staff at the shelter what a cuddle bear he is.

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Completely blind he had been visiting on his own for five years, when one day, quite out of the blue, he turned up with two friends.

With her eyes sealed shut a tiny tabby walks right towards her as is seeking comfort.

Jill fell in love as soon as she met him, like a magnet he somehow found his way straight into her arms.

Photo Courtesy of Jill Mardesich

While a nice cuddle session was going on Pumba joined in by jumping onto her shoulders as if to say “I’m going home with you too.”

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