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Pregnant And Practically Blind, She Goes Into Labor Far Too Soon!

Mere days after being rescued, she goes into labor. It was too soon, she still had 1 to 2 weeks to go. They do their best to save her babies.

Almost blind, staff at Tabby’s Place – a Cat Sanctuary, Ringoes, New Jersey found Ida to be a very sweet cat. She would go up to everyone at the sanctuary to say hello, loving all the attention she had missed living as a stray.

She had been rescued a few days earlier and was heavily pregnant. Staff estimated she still had 1 to 2 weeks to go until delivery.

Photo Courtesy of Tabby’s Place – a Cat Sanctuary

Once she had been treated for her bad teeth it was just a matter of waiting for the big day, however, things happened much soon than expected!

Just a few days after arrival Ida went into labor, it was way too soon and staff knew they would have to do everything they could to keep the premature kittens alive.

Photo Courtesy of Tabby’s Place – a Cat Sanctuary

The tiny babies only weighed in at 1.95oz (55 grams), despite doing their best they could only save three kittens. Worse still Ida was not producing enough milk to keep them alive!

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Clearly premature she found four abandoned kittens in her garden. She waited for Momma cat to come back!

Too young and fragile to survive, what she did next might save this kittens life!

Tabby’s Place staff immediately swung into action with an experienced caregiver who began tube-feeding the premature kittens every few hours. It was touch and go whether the little souls would make it through the first night, let alone survive.

Photo Courtesy of Tabby’s Place – a Cat Sanctuary

But staff wanted to at least give them a fighting chance. Because of this, they were given supplemental care around the clock, while a worried Mom kept them clean and gave them all her love.

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