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After Giving Birth They Took The Two-Year-Old Cat In To Get Spayed, Only To Find Another Litter In Her Belly.

When she went in to get spayed they discovered another litter in her belly. Soon after she gave birth to four kittens, but she didn’t stop there!

Sadly a sweet two-year-old cat was abandoned right before giving birth to her first litter. Thankfully a good samaritan found her and fed her while she took care of her babies.

When her kittens were a little older, the Mom and her young family were trapped then taken to a shelter. Purrfect Pals, a rescue group based in Arlington, Washington heard about the family and made arrangements to pick them up and organize foster care.

Photo Courtesy of The Critter Room

Before moving in with her new family, so as to not have any unexpected surprises, first on the list was to have the Mom, given the name Shelby, spayed. However, a surprise was exactly what the vet got! In her belly was another litter well on the way. Arrangements were speedily made with the foster Dad, John, and Shelby moved into her new home.

On August 25 she gave birth to four kittens, but only one survived the birth. Struggling to live Sparky fought as hard as she could, but four days later she passed away. That very day Shelby had one more surprise for everyone when she gave birth to one more kitten.

Photo Courtesy of The Critter Room

Lizzie, named after the Ford Model T car, was born on the way home from the vet, appropriately enough, in Johns’s car.

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Sneaking into someone’s home to give birth, might just have saved her life!

Found on the streets, she was the runt of the litter, made mostly of fluff things were touch and go.

Very loud, she announced her arrival and right away was ready to nurse.

Photo Courtesy of The Critter Room

But just like Sparky, things with Lizzie were touch and go!

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