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They Had Fought Hard To Still Be Alive! As It Was She Didn’t Know If They Would Live Or Die, But They Deserved A Chance

Found nears some trash cans they were covered fleas and incredibly dirty, starving too, they had fought hard to even still be alive.

They were found by Valia, a kind-hearted woman who had rescued dozens of stray cats and dogs. As she puts it, they had fought so hard to even be still alive, they deserved a chance at life.

Screenshot via YouTube

Stray cats and dogs are an epidemic in Greece. So much so people have become desensitized to the issue. Usually, they are dumped by older everyday people. It could be your Grandparents or your kind next-door neighbor carrying on a tradition passed down from generation to generation.

This is what we are dealing with here. The people abandoning kittens and puppies in the trash are not monsters, says Valia..

Now there are more and more people just like Vali, trying to change this habit of a lifetime, educating people and try to change generational attitudes.

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At 17 she had lost everything, they had never seen a more bitter, angry and mistrustful cat.

She found dumped kittens, so young they still had their umbilical cords attached.

These are the people caring for the abandoned animals.

Kittens like these two, now lucky enough to be Valia’s babies, lucky enough to at least have a chance at life.

There are millions of stray cats in Greece, and Sunny and Pamuk are two of the luckiest ones.

Most suffer horrible deaths sealed inside plastic bags, never rescued, never give a chance to live. I was so nervous when I found them.

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