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Soon After Moving In A Stray Cat Shows Up At Their Door! He Made It Clear They Were Not Adopting A Cat!

When they moved into their new apartment they didn’t remember a cat being part of the housing agreement?

However, that is exactly what happened when Nate and Emily moved into their new apartment in April 2019 when a stray cat known as Dusty started hanging around.

Nate is pretty clear about what he wanted and what he didn’t want, and one of those things he didn’t want was to adopt a cat. At least that was what he initially thought, soon however he found himself falling in love with the white feline who jumped right into as lap for snuggles and purrs. Nate’s heart, it has to be said, melted.

Photo Courtesy of Mama Dusty/Instagram

When Nate and Emily took their family member to the vet for a check over they soon found they were going to have more new family members to contend with. Dusty was four weeks pregnant!

With a gestation period of only 64 days, she was halfway to delivery, it was now time to prepare for the big day. Nate and Emily set about making it as easy and relaxing as possible for the Mom to be, space was made in their closet which soon became the delivery suite.

Photo Courtesy of Mama Dusty/Instagram

They were told to expect three to four kittens, so they were rather surprised when Dusty produced no less than seven! The kittens stayed with Mom in the closet for a month before venturing out.

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Just days from delivery, out in the cold, she begs to be let in!

She just wandered right in and made herself at home, then surprised them all by giving birth in the living room.

So in a very short space of time, Nate and Emily had gone from not wanting to adopt a cat to having eight cats residing in their new home. One kitten DJ, short for Dusty Junior, seemed to be missing out on a lot of chow time, so they made sure he was always near his Mom to get regular feeding time.

Photo Courtesy of Mama Dusty/Instagram

They expected DJ to be the runt of the litter, as he was struggling to keep up with his siblings when it came to eating. Turns out, though, that he’s the craziest kitten of them all and has the largest personality.

Mohawk is an equally wild child to DJ. Mohawk and DJ are the last to go to sleep and the first to wake up. Freckles and Spot are inseparable. They eat together. They play together. They spend all of their time together.

Photo Courtesy of Mama Dusty/Instagram

Then you have Frenchie, who is, shockingly, the bougie of the kittens. Nate describes her as “elegant and refined.” Then we also have Cow, and he’s a mama’s boy. There’s always one in every family!

Nate and Emily have lined up perfect family’s for their crazy kittens but for now, they’re busy playing cat parents and grandparents to their stoop kitty’s liter.

Photo Courtesy of Mama Dusty/Instagram

Nate said he wasn’t looking to adopt a cat but Dusty sure was looking to adopt them. Maybe she was also looking for the perfect cat grandparents too! If that’s the case, may we just say “Well played, Dusty. Well played.”

You can stay up to date with Dusty on her Instagram. You will be able to see Emily twinning with Dusty, Nate carrying around kittens in a basket (#swoon) and dozens of adorable sleeping cat photos. We could all use more sleeping cat photos in our life!

Photo Courtesy of Mama Dusty/Instagram

To see the two New Yorkers see their newfound cat family through the birthing process and watch them come into their own, watch the video below.

You can watch it right here below:

For more details please go to

Orphaned And Alone They Only Had Each Other. Inseparable They Were Always Cuddling, Looking To Each Other For Support.

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