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It Soon Became Clear How Quickly Their Cat Was Becoming Attached To The Little Stray

He showed up out of nowhere so shy and clearly very very hungry.

Klarieke and her husband live on a small farm with her family in Holland. They share their lovely old cottage with three cats, Jack, Louis, and Stavros. And, as they were about to find out, a very skinny fourth cat.

Around a month ago a tiny kitten had appeared out of nowhere in their yard. He was very shy, very skinny, and very hungry. Klarieke had never seen the tiny feline before and wondered if he belonged to anyone?

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@la_riek

After having a chat with her husband they decided that three cats were more than enough should he turn out to be homeless.

“I promised my sweetheart that I will not surreptitiously arrange a fourth cat in the house, but I have also indicated that I will not let a kitten starve on my doorstep, said Klarieke.

After disappearing for a few days, the kitten returned. This time Karieke was surprised to find him hanging with her older cat Stavros. The two of them began to play on and off throughout the rest of the week.

Perhaps Stavros knew what the kitten was going through. He himself had been adopted by Klarieke and her husband over a year ago from Greece.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@la_riek

“Stavros was rescued by a Dutch girl who stays in Zakynthos every summer. She was looking for a home (for the cat) in Holland, so we decided to adopt him,” said Klarieke.

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She was friendly filthy and very very hungry. But would that be enough to make him change his plans?

Letting her cat outdoors for the day she is surprised when he comes home with his identical twin!

Whenever he saw Klarieke he would run off in fear, but with Stavros, it was another matter.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@la_riek

“Today when I picked tomatoes I was looked at with fear. The kitten quickly ran away.”

It quickly became clear to the couple how quickly their cat was becoming attached to the kitten. They played together, slept together, and just plain hung out together.

Photo Courtesy of Instagram/@la_riek

This friendship was taken to another level one day when Klarieke was feeding her cats.

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